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Large Scraper for Professionals with Safety Slide Cover

Large Scraper for Professionals with Safety Slide Cover

Front side
Back side

Won the Good Design Award 2010

Won the Good Design Award 2010

Suitable for Wiping Widely at a Stroke

“Scrape” and “Polish” Efficiently

Sturdy Enough for Heavy Use

Ideal for cleaning, polishing and scraping. 

Enjoy efficient works you have never experienced, with the firm grip, strong body and the high-accurate peculiar blade.

Designed for Safety at Professional Sites

Simply sliding the panel with one hand can cover the blade, ensuring the safety quickly for its carriers and holders.  Water washable after use.

Scratch-Resistant Dedicated Blades

Setting a dedicated blade for S-PRO with the corners rounded off. Spare blades are available.  Can replace blades easily by sliding the cover.


Removal of oil stains, scales, paints, adhesives, stickers, frost, etc. adhering to hard, flat surfaces such as glass, tiles and IH cooking heaters


Black, Green

Description S-PRO (Black)/S-PRO (Green)
Part number Black:AAA-101
JAN Code Black:4904432100047
Contents 10 pcs.
Size Body :H93×W120×D10mm
Blade : L118.5×W18.5×T0.25mm
Net Weight 62g
Material PC (glass fiber)
Applicable blade 3-bladed Spare Blade (50 pcs.) (JAN Code:4904432100221)
Stainless 3-bladed Spare Blade (20 pcs.) (JAN Code:4904432100276)
Spare Blade for S-PRO (20 pcs.) (JAN Code:4904432100061)
Applicable by splitting 4-bladed Spare Blade (50 pcs.) (JAN Code:4904432100283)

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