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Safety Design with an Auto Retractable Blade

Safety Design with an Auto Retractable Blade

Front side
Back side

One of our new offers, SAFETY KNIFE, with high safety, high sharpness and high durability of Japanese unique quality, was born from requirements of heavy users’ worksites.

Just Release Your Finger to Store the Blade

Equipped with a sharp and highly durable dedicated blade for SAFETY KNIFE.  Push the slider with your thumb when using the blade. Simply release the finger holding the slider to retract the blade.

Moderate Weight of a Zinc Alloy Body Provides the Stability

The body which fits snugly to a hand is made heavier than RUPIKA and COLOR KNIFE.  Can be used by either hand.

A Dedicated Blade for SAFETY KNIFE

Applying a dedicated non-snap blade designed for SAFETY KNIFE.  When a blade in use gets blunt, can be turned it to use the opposite side or replaced with a spare blade.


Cutting cardboard, paper, resin sheet, cloth, rubber, thin wood, plaster board, styrofoam, thin power cable, etc.

Description SAFETY KNIFE
Part number ABT-701
JAN Code 4904432100375
Contents 5 pcs.
Size Body:H148×W36×D24mm
Net Weight 100g
Material Body:Zink Alloy
Applicable blade Spare Blade for SAFETY KNIFE (JAN Code : 4904432100382)

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