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Close-Fitting to Your Hand

Close-Fitting to Your Hand

Front side
Back side

Suitable for Cutting Thick Materials
such as Plywood, Plaster Board, etc.

The Length of a Blade can be Adjusted in Three Stages According to Purposes

The projection allowance can be adjusted according to the necessity of use

1st Stage  (6mm)

for unpacking a cardboard box (without damaging the things inside)


2nd Stage (13mm)

For cutting wallpaper, cloth, floor mat, etc.


3rd Stage (25mm)

For cutting plywood, plaster board, ropes, etc

No Need of a Tool for Replacing Blades

Blades can be replaced very easily

Make the blade into the longest (the 3rd stage), 

then pull it out while pressing the button

put in a spare blade while the button

Spare Blades can be Stored in a Main Body

Up to 4 blades can be stored in a main body
3 spare blades are included at the first purchase

Can be Used as a String Cutter

Can cut a string, etc. with the blade in the stored state

With Anti-Drop Hook Hole

For the safety’s sake of high-place works or carrying along,

can be strapped with a string, etc.

Blade Produced by a Long-established Blade Manufacturer in Japan

Our blades with high sharpness and durability of Japnanese have been getting a good reputation overseas as well.

Ensuring the safety, non-snap blades are provided.

When a blade in use gets blunt, can be turned it to use the opposite side.

Replaceable blade: Spare Blade for SAFETY KNIFE(AGH-001) 


Cutting plywood, plaster board, rubber, paper, cloth, cardboard, styrofoam, etc.

1st Stage (6mm) for unpacking a cardboard box (without damaging the things inside)
2nd Stage (13mm) for cutting wallpaper, cloth, floor mat, etc.
3rd Stage (25mm) for cutting plywood, plaster board, ropes, etc.
Can cut a string, etc. without pulling out the blade
Usage and Caution are also written in English
Anti-Drop Hook Hole helps your carrying along and showing off
Part number ABT-702
JAN Code 4904432100450
Contents 12 pcs.
Size Body:H45×W160×D24mm
Blade : L60×W19×T0.6mm
Net Weight 123g
Material Body :Aluminium Alloy
Grips : PP+TPR
Quick-change Button : PP
Blade Holder : Steel
Spare Blade Storage : ABS
Applicable blade Spare Blade for SAFETY KNIFE (JAN Code : 4904432100382)

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