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Steady Grip even in a Wet Hand

Steady Grip even in a Wet Hand

Working Mode
Storage Mode
Storage Mode

Remove stiff dirt with a special blade and a large grip.  A new scraper produced by professionals’ favorite blade manufacturer – NALBIE.

Switchable Just with a Thumb to Work Mode, Storage Mode and Replace Mode

Can easily swith the blade to work mode, storage mode, or replace mode by pressing and sliding back and forth the button in the center of the body.

Quick Switching to the Storage Mode Can Ensure the Safety After Using

In the storage mode, the blade slides into the main body and stay unless and until you press the switching button to slide it out again. Free from worrying about the blade’s popping out by accident.

Firm Hold with a Large Grip

To meet our customers’ requests for a firm grip in order to use on slippy spots and remove stiff dirt, we produced a large grip which makes any work more secure and accurate.


Removal of oil stains, scales, paints, adhesives, stickers, frost, etc. on hard and flat surfaces such as glass, tiles and IH cooking heaters.

Part number AAT-101
JAN Code 4904432100399
Contents 5 pcs.
Size Body : H142×W94×D21mm
Blade : L89.2×W17.3×T0.4mm
Net Weight 80g
Material Body : ABS Grip : PVC
Applicable blade Spare Blade for SAFETY SCRAPER (JAN Code:4904432100436)

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