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We released a video of the safety knife

Today, we uploaded a video of a more improved safety knife that was temporarily released the other day. Please take a look at the safety-designed products and also the excellent sharp “Safety Knife ” introduced at the last part of

I felt refreshed by the grass.

Today’s Chiba is warm and springy.Today we spent 30 minutes weeding around the factory.It ’s fast when everyone works! !Clean the factory and feel refreshed!

Cleaning tips| Safety knife (replacement blade type)

Let me introduce the publication information on the new Nalbie products that are published in the “Soji no Tsubo” (Tips of cleaning) today. Nalbie blade with excellent sharpness equipped with a cool safety holder improves work efficiency! Cleaning tips

Started selling new products

Finally released today! Plastic one-blade, clear red holder (limited quantity), and safety knife have been released. An anti-scratch plastic one blade can be set in the one blade holder that is popular among many people. Please try it.  


Nalbie introduces a Stylish Utility Knife that are safer and useful and helpful in for many tasks field with big satisfaction! Awesome and incredibly durable and economical fixed blades. Check on it now!

Exhibited at Building Maintenance & Clean EXPO 2018

We participated as an exhibitor in “Building Maintenance & Clean EXPO 2018” held from November 20, 2018 to November 22, 2018. Thank you very much to everyone who came. Organizer: (Public interest Incorporated Association) Japan Building Maintenance Association, (OGeneral Incorporated

Exhibited at Building Lively Maintenance Exhibition 2018

We participated as an exhibitor in “Building Lively Maintenance Exhibition 2018” held at Nagoya Fukiage Hall from October 23 to October 24, 2018. Thank you very much for your visit. Organizer: Livelite Inc.

Participated in 2018 Inomata Fair

We participated as an exhibitor in “2018 Inomata Fair” held on September 26, 2018. Thank you very much for your visit. Organizer: Inomata Co., Ltd.