Nalbie Blade Corporation is a comprehensive manufacturer of blades. Manufactures high-quality blades from scrapers and knives to industrial custom-made blades.

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Month: June 2019

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Thank you very much for your visit.

Good morning. Thank you very much for visiting the Nalbie booth at the Total Maintenance Fair. The reaction of visitors for the new product released this spring was favorable and many people bought. We hope that Nalbie products can be

Introducing recently read books

Today I would like to introduce a book I read recently.I read a book on Uber, a useful vehicle dispatch app that I used on a business trip abroad. In Japan, Uber Eats has been used to see motorcycles, but

Cleaning day for all participants

Cleaning is done on a daily basis before work and at spare time, but today it was a cleaning day held once a month with the participation of all employees.In addition to the usual 5S, this year we are planning