Nalbie Blade Corporation is a comprehensive manufacturer of blades. Manufactures high-quality blades from scrapers and knives to industrial custom-made blades.

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A Scene of NALBIE’s Daily Life

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Introducing recently read books

Today I would like to introduce a book I read recently.I read a book on Uber, a useful vehicle dispatch app that I used on a business trip abroad. In Japan, Uber Eats has been used to see motorcycles, but

Cleaning day for all participants

Cleaning is done on a daily basis before work and at spare time, but today it was a cleaning day held once a month with the participation of all employees.In addition to the usual 5S, this year we are planning

I felt refreshed by the grass.

Today’s Chiba is warm and springy.Today we spent 30 minutes weeding around the factory.It ’s fast when everyone works! !Clean the factory and feel refreshed!